Where it all started…

As a kid when some children of my age wanted to become teacher or doctor i wanted to become an auctioneer. I developed throughout the years a passion for Art and my parents, by bringing me to museums nearly every week, initiated me to develop this taste.

When came the moment to decide what i wanted to study i finally decided to study in a business school. 

After a couple of months studying i felt that I needed to work on other projects aside from my studies.

This when i first worked for Laurence Boukobza and help her out with her art gallery in Paris. She was representing the French artist Michel Ajerstejn. Laurence initiated me to the job of galerist and took me to my very first art fair in 2011, AAF Brussels

This is where i met Eleanor Jordan from Bleach Box Gallery and when she hired me an intern to work with her me for a couple of weeks later in London during the Olympics.

Since then i worked at several occasions during my studies on affordable art fairs (in Singapore and New York) and did two interships in museums (Barbican Centre and Centre Pompidou).

In 2015, I finally graduated from my master degree in corporate finance and kept art aside of my job as one of my favourite hobby together with yoga.

“When I refer to ‘creative living,’ I am speaking more broadly. I’m talking about living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”

Elizabeth Gilbert – the big magic

Creating SB Project * is my way of reconnecting to the Art world and creating a space for sharing a serious attraction to amazing works brought to this planet by inspired human beings.