Centre Pompidou Metz – When Art goes East

It’s already been ten years since the Centre Pompidou Metz opened its door.

I discovered more about this institution when I was interning at Centre Pompidou in Paris and now that I live close by I tend to go there quite often to visit the latest exhibitions. One of the aim of the Centre in Metz was to be able to display artworks that could not be displayed in Paris because of their size. The building itself is impressive and has been realized in 2010 by the architects Jean de Gastines and Shigeru Ban Associés.

The exhibition ‘Couples Modernes’ that I have visited in 2018 is definately one of my favourite which presented the most iconic art couples of the first half of the twentieth century in image. 

Dororea Tanning and Max Ernst

I bought the book of the exhibition because it was really dense in text and content and I enjoy looking at the old pictures . I often open this book to read about one or two love stories. Last time, I read about the story of Anne-Eva Bergman and Hans Hartung who after their break up, and having remarried got back together and married again until the end of their life. They traveled the world and were creating alongside, constantly exchanging about their opinion and ideas. 

I also really appreciated the exhibition Japorama in 2018 proposing a large overview of the Japanese contemporary art scene. 

I will go there next week to discover the exhibition Folklore which seems very promising as well as the installation of the Italian artist Pennone called Confini Noce. 

The programmation seems very promissing until 2021 with two exhibitions on Klein and on Chagall.

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