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The infinity concept by Kazaan Viveiros

Kazaan Viveiros is a Portuguese – American woman who studied in Virginia and in San Francisco. She has had numerous exhibitions in USA. 

The paintings presented below are available for sale in our gallery. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for more pictures or any additional information.

All of them are part a serie called Passages. 

To me these paintings are transporting the public into another dimension. The circular shapes create an ongoing movement in slow motion. I appreciate this serie because it includes the concept of infinity and perpetual motion which represents quite well my personality.

The circular tubes going in circles are infinite and reflect the reality that we can’t escape and have to face daily.  Representative works reveal transcendent qualities of creativity and the mechanisms of the natural world. The palette used by Kazaan composed of gold and nude colours makes this reality easier to accept and makes us think positively about the future.

In the end aren’t we supposed to accept the consequences of our actions? 

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