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Urban trip with Michel Ajerstjen

I would like to talk about the first artist I worked for because of course I have always loved his work but also because he sadly passed away in 2017 and it is our call now to share about his work as a way of keeping him in our memory and in our heart. Michel studied modelling at Esmod in Paris and after having met Willy Ronis turned to photography. 

His work captures urban life and brings the public into a spatial dimension which allows to see cityscapes in a different manner.

He plays around colors and uses different medium to give a humoristic and lyric definition of what it is like to live in a big city.

I enjoy as much the characters pictured in the work as the crazy colours that deep me into the action represented.

His studio where he created is located Courbevoie (close to Paris) and is an amazing place dedicated to Art and creation. You can rent out the venue for events! For more info, check the website of Studio Ajer and contact Laurence Boukobza.

We will upload soon some of his pieces for sale in our gallery.

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