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The Concept of Emotional Geometry with Jean-Michel Othoniel

Jean-Michel Othoniel is a French artist who seeks to represent the harmony of the relationship between human beings with the environment. This Chinese-inspired way of living translates perfectly Othoniel’s sensibility.

His in-situ installations allow the public to enter in interaction with this reflection around movement. The captivating aesthetic of the work he creates is unlimited by the dimension and fluidity of his pieces. Monumental as well as human scale installations are recognizable among other artworks by the circular balls made out of glass from Murano.

Court Puget, Louvre, Paris

He has taken part in different projects and commissions around the world. Each time my path crosses his pieces it makes me smile and always takes me to another dimension. I love the transparency of the glass bowls and the circular movements in his work. He sublimates each place he encounters because he creates a piece after months of study and reflexion around the space to be occupied. Othoniel is a multi disciplinary artist, he works on canvas, glass, ink, stained glass…

His creation process is fascinating.

I recently discovered the pieces commissioned by the Louvre in Paris to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the pyramid. The six paintings with ink on gold leaves are now exhibited in my favourite part of the museum which the Puget’s Court.

Discovering the fountain he created together with Louis Benech in Versailles was amazing. Othoniel reinterpreted the dances performed by Louis XIV during the XVIIth century to create a dancing fountain. 

For many years i have been passing in front of one of his pieces  without knowing who had made it, it was the one at the metro station in Paris Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre, where his piece called Le Kiosque des Noctambules (the night owls kiosk) is covering the metro entrance with an big structure made out of glass pearls from Murano. The way he reinterpreted the iconic metro station in Paris is brilliant and unique.

I would love to ceck out the pieces he made at Chateau Lacoste close to Aix en Provence (South of France) called “Iles singulières”. Not only the pieces by Othoniel are worth seeing but the building designed by Tado Ando looks stunning.

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