Paris Gallery Weekend 2020

Created in 2014, the 7th edition of the Paris Gallery Weekend, which took place last week in Paris, felt like a breath of fresh air in those trouble times . It was one of my first post-lockdown Art event and set an example of compliant social distancing events so that we can start attempting events again smoothly. Even if you are not in Paris at the moment, you can go to the Artsy plateform to discover to works presented by the different participating galleries

Many galleries participated to the event and most of them are still presenting the same artists so don’t hesitate and go to check on them.

I had planned a whole itinerary but in the end time got me and decided to stay around Paris first Arrondissement to have the time to appreciate each exhibition.

Galerie Maubert was my first stop and presented the work of the German sculptor and painter Joachim Bandau. The gallery displayed his black and yellow watercolor serie. Bandau uses shapes, blocks used as filters which reminds x-ray and a little bit Malevitch paintings.

The second stop was at Gilles Drouault Galerie / multiples who focused on the work of two artists created during the lockdown. It was interesting to discover what artists had created over the past months in such unprecedent era.

I had found out about this gallery because of the 29 years-old French artist it presented named Louis Granet. Granet had an exhibition in Luxembourg last year at Zidoun and Bossuyt Gallery. He comes from the comics world and paints on canvas, in situ, in the streets. His style is unique and recognizable among thousands of other works. I will present his murals in another article soon 😉

He uses a special painting which creates a particular texture and enlights the colours as well as the outlines of the shapes he paints in black.

The gallery also presented the work of the Malagasy artist Joël Andrianomearisoa. The serie presented is called Sentimental Solitude and is built around the memory of the last party the artist went to before the lockdown, he even created a gin with a branding around this Sentimental Solitude.

Then, I went to Galerie Perrotin split in two spaces rue de Turenne. Sophie Calle’s serie Take Care of Yourself & Série Noire was presented in one of the space. This serie is around a break up email she received from one her lover who did not want to see her anymore. She then asked 107 women to read this email and give their vision and interpretation of those words that were adressed to her as an end to her relationship.

The second space presented the work of the Mexican artist called Gabriel Rico and the LA paintings of Jean-Philippe Delhomme. I will talk later on about the work of Delhomme that I just can’t take out of my mind. He depicts the city as he sees it and takes us into an architecture journey into LA.

There were so many galleries I wanted to visit and I got caught up by time so I did not get to see all the exhibitions I wanted to but ended the day beautifully at Galerie Binome in front of the incredile tapisseries of Laurence Aëgerter. Laurence uses phosphorescent thread and gets her inspiration from water and photography. She created the two pieces below which represents day baths but she also created two pieces of night baths.

Have you got the chance to see any of these exhibitions?

What will be your next exhibition? I would love to hear a little bit from you !

Feel free to leave a comment here !

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