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A one way ticket to Italian Renaissance with Pauline Di Valentin

A few days ago, while going from an Instagram account to another I have discovered Pauline Di Valentin. She is a young French painter from the north of France producing drawings with ink on paper. She depicts architectural landscape surrounded by luxurious vegetation. 

Simplicity the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da vinci

She uses a green and pink palette and her work give us the impression to live into a continuous sunset landscape.

Triptyque, 2019

It personally brings me back to my last holidays in California or into a Sofia Coppola’s movie. I love the reflections on her work as well as the shadows of the trees.

Pauline is a movie buff and finds inspiration in the movies she watches as well as in the Renaissance Italian architecture. 

How do you like her piece? What does it make you think of?

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