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Self reflection through Ellen Von Wiegand’s creations

Linocut printmaker Ellen Von Wiegand is a London based artist whom I found out about through my friend and successful galerist MK Semos. I met MK in 2012 when i was interning in London and as we worked together I loved the passion and dedication she was putting into a gallerist job. I have discovered so many artists I like through her and lately I found out about Ellen.

If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.

Virginia Woolf

Last fall, Decorazon Gallery commissioned a print for the affordable art fair New York to Ellen. She made this amazing “She seemed odd from the beginning” (picture below) in an edition of 15 using Linocut on Jiaxuan paper. When I saw MK’s post on Instagram and saw the artwork for the first time I immediately felt emotional about it.

She Seemed Odd from the beginning, 2019

At that time, I was going through a serious self questioning about myself and about what I wanted for my life in the future. Seeing this woman lying on this colourful blanket holding her head was clearly a self reflection of my current mental state then. I looked for information about Ellen’s work and found out videos of her while working on her pieces and found it fascinating. Then I read about her and how she is using her work to express herself and compensate her introverted personality by representing herself in her art pieces. I had to get one of those amazing print! It was my 27th birthday present from my family and now that I have it framed at home, as I look at it, it reminds me of the period of my life when everything was bit messy around me but at the end of tunnel there was light. 

I keep following Ellen’s creation and guess what ! She has recently released 4 new pieces in limited edition of 10  that are available for sale on the website. The video shows Ellen at work and her creation process is hypnotizing me. The piece she is making is called “Wanting Solitude and Closeness”.

Can you see yourself into Ellen’s work? Do you get emotional in front of Art? Would love to hear about your experiences !

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