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Top 5 Art Reading – An alternative after having watched all you could on Netflix

Here are just a few recommendations of Art books I have read to give your eyes some rest after a day spent in front of the screen (or binch watching on Netflix).

I like reading books on the art market and some personalities of the art world i find inspiring. I also tend to spend some money at museum stores after having discovered a new exhibition just as a consolation prize for not being able to buy one of the piece displayed at the exhibition.

He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two.

Victor Hugo – les miserables

I also read a lot of books in order to help me finalizing my master thesis I wrote a few years ago about the art market. There are plently of books other than those ones available, just sharing about what you can find on my book shelf.

Most of the books mentioned are available in English and in French. You can order them on Amazon.

From left to right: Pour l’amour de l’art written by Alain Pompidou, The orange balloon dog written by Don Thompson, La face cachée du marché de l’art written by Georgina Adam and Sept jours dans le monde de l’art written by Sarah Tornton.

Pour l’amour de l’art by Alain Pompidou and César Armand

Written by the son of the former French president who was an art lover and a passionate collector. He obviously dedicated a big part of his mandate and life to culture. Centre Pompidou was his initiatve and is now hosting the national museum of modern art.

The Orange Balloon Dog by Don Thompson

I found out about this author listening to the Artsy podcast, the point of view of this economist on the art market is quite interesting and I hope will catch your interest as well.

Dark Side of the Boom: The Excesses Of The Art Market In The 21st Century by Georgina Adam

Georgina writes for the Art Newspaper and has good insights on the art market. The book is well written available in both English and French under the name “La face cachée du marché de l’art”.

Seven days in the art word by Sarah Thornton

Also available in French – Sept jours dans le monde de l’art – goes through art fairs, art galleries, auctions to give a captivating wide overview of the art world.

Have you read any of those? Any recommendations?

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