Villa Noailles in Hyères a space of modernism and avant-garde

A few years ago, while i was spending my summer holidays in the south of France i had the chance to visit the Villa Noailles in Hyeres built by Robert Mallet Stevens between 1923-1928. Mallet Stevens is also the architect of the Villa Cavrois in the north of France that I have not visited yet.

The property has been ordered by the famous collector couple: Charles and Marie-Laure De Noailles. They have supported many artists and were hosting big parties in their house in Hyeres over a few decades.

They have created a place for meetings and exchange among the Art scene and creation of the 20th century. They have been surrounded their whole life by modernity and have hosted artists exceeding in all disciplines.

The couple met and got married in 1923 in the south of France. The land where stands the villa was offered by Marie-Laure’s family when they got married.
They also had a luxurious Hotel particulier in Paris that you can still visit today as it now hosts the showroom of baccarat (see picture below).

They have patronaged many creations such as the movie L’Age d’or by Bunuel in 1930 which cause a lot of scandal as the movie was a critic on the Church and the Bourgeois society. 

The Villa Noailles is strongly influenced by the dutch movement De Stijl and the volumes are dispatched between the full and the empty spaces.

Every year, the villa hosts two festivals: the fashion and design festival and the photography festival. 

The Cristal Room, Baccarat, Paris

When I went there, I fell in love with the inside swimming pool which is today turned into an exhibition space. The pool was screened by Man Ray in his movie Les Mystères du Château de Dé.

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